Realtor Promise

Created for Realtors

Available Homes was created to streamline communications between area Realtors and inventory homes constructed by Conaway's Home Group and their affiliated companies. If there is any information that we can provide that can help you serve your clients better, please let us know. We are here for you.

  • 3% Commissions:  We pay 3% Commissions when you are the procuring cause of a sale.
  • Cash at Concrete: We pay you when concrete is poured if your client provides their interim financing. This is typical when building on your client's land.
  • Register your client, and commission is guaranteed: You do not have to write the contract to receive a commission. Register your client per our Realtor Fairness Policy, and we will do the rest.
  • Our Promise: Realtor Fairness Policy (RFP)
  • Information About Broker Services (IABS)

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